Lasalletech provides products for documenting, testing, certifying, and monitoring FIX interfaces.

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BM&FBOVESPA Reinvents the Client Experience

Brazilian exchange BM&FBOVESPA enhanced the user experience while lowering operational costs by automating its certification processes with FIX Conductor.

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Client Centric FIX Infrastructure is Key to Unlocking Business Intelligence

CameronTec CSO Michel Balter weighs in on the advantages for investment banks embracing a customer centric approach to unlock business intelligence. Amid rising regulatory costs and mega fines, broker

NYC Industry Roundtable Examines Future of Trading Technology

Senior representatives from sell and buy side firms recently met together in New York at MOMA to discuss the future of trading technology and examine the main market drivers triggering a rethink in te

Enhancing the Client Experience with Automated Onboarding

Jacob Northey, Product Manager Certification & Testing for CameronTec, examines ways in which sell side’s can automate client onboarding to offer an enhanced customer experience and grow their

Decoupling Helps Sell-Sides Future-Proof Trading Infrastructure

CameronTec’s CSO Michel Balter weighs in on the advantages of decoupling complex trading infrastructure. All infrastructure ages. Similarly, IT infrastructure becomes outdated. Message volumes and l

Multi-Asset Connectivity Roundtable Highlights Divergent Views As No ‘One-Size’ Fits All

CameronTec’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michel Balter, captures highlights from the recent thought-leadership roundtable held in London to examine the evolution of the multi-asset trading platform, at

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