Test, certify and onboard – with the ease of automation.

FIX Conductor automates the task of onboarding FIX counterparties. We set up your test cases, and clients use a web-based interface to run through the series of tests. They get immediate feedback and can re-run the tests as often as they want. Multiple clients can test against your QA or test systems simultaneously.

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Client Testimonials

Marcos, BM&F Bovespa

"We automated our certification using FIX Conductor, and now we have more time to attend the requests from our clients. We are very satisfied with the support from Lasalletech during the implementation phase and after that."

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Billy, IEX: A Market That Works for Investors

"IEX believes in leveraging technology to protect the greatest number of market participants.

System reliability is critical for a better trading experience. From design to development through to testing, IEX employs best-of-breed tools to ensure that components behave as expected while identifying and remediating unintended behavior before they have a chance to negatively impact our clients.

LaSalle's FIX Conductor is a fantastic tool in this mold. Gone are the days of running test scenarios off a spreadsheet. FIX conductor allows IEX to institutionalize our conformance testing, provide transparent and timely feedback, and capture historical results for future troubleshooting.”

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Firms getting value from Lasalletech's FIX products

Increase trading revenue

Clients can self-certify more quickly, speeding time to revenue by 80%.

Track progress

Check progress in real time on a dashboard and follow up with clients that have problems.

Reduce friction in scheduling testing

Clients can certify at their convenience, regardless of their time zone.

Simulate potential trading problems

Reproduce production scenarios for automated regression testing with clients.

FIX Conductor - Simulate Potential Trading Problems

Reduce operating costs

Your support team can reserve their time to focus on those clients needing special help.

Eliminate the backlog

Multiple clients can test simultaneously, quickly eliminating your backlog.

Web-based access to status

View your clients’ certification status and report on certification progress and history.

Intuitive interface

Clients can access an intuitive white-labelled interface which guides their testing with instant feedback.

Pricing Overview

An installation of FIX Conductor comes included with everything you need to start automated certification today, including:

Our Guarantee

We go a step further and guarantee the delivery of our certification system. The license contract does not start until you are able to certify your first client.

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