The future of testing is here.

FIX Technician CTS further automates the testing process, making it easier than ever. Simply provide CTS with a FIX log, and it will automatically analyze counterparty details and generate required test cases. With one click, all of your tests will run and within moments you'll receive a detailed analysis of test results, including raw FIX messages, expected vs. actual results, and any potential error messages.

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The electronic trading industry has suffered a rash of system failures over the past few years that point to the need for more testing. Automating the process is the most cost-effective approach, but it isn’t a silver bullet.

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Automated testing using log files

Simply upload a FIX message log file to FIX Technician CTS and tests are assembled and run automatically.

Run sophisticated tests in simulation mode

Any tests needing to simulate failover or complex scenarios can be manually created using the FIX Technician GUI test editor.

Be notified as soon as something breaks

Be the first to know about possible errors in your system by receiving details on why tests may have failed.

Generate different test suites

Run multiple test suites focused on testing critical aspects and behavioral edge cases to ensure your system is error free.

Realistic simulations

Automated tests are executed against your actual certification/testing environment, eliminating the need to simulate or mock exchange behavior.

Generate test reports

Receive detailed reports after tests are run. Browse passing tests, and view aggregated error messages and failed expectations (or raw FIX messages) for failing tests.

FIX Technician CTS
The Future of Testing is Here.

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