In addition to our product suite, Lasalletech offers experience and expertise in many areas of FIX and FAST. Through our custom consulting and services offering, we are able to help you with any project. Contact us today to get started.
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FIX Enablement Service
Lasalletech can help you define and implement your FIX Service. Our experience with FIX and our toolsets will reduce your time to market, will increase your conformance with the FIX standard, and lower your overall documentation risk.
Transactional Business Intelligence
You are sitting on a wealth of data about your business in your transaction logs. Lasalletech can help you access the wealth of business information trapped in your transaction files using our data management expertise and our tools, such as FIX Detective and FIX Detective RTS.
Market Data Integration
Lasalletech has experience to quickly implement market data feeds to support your requirements. Our experience extends beyond standards (FIX, FAST, and Itch) to proprietary feeds from exchange and market data consolidators. We work in a variety of programming languages, Java, C#, and C++.
Quality Assurance + Testing
Lasalletech is committed to advancing the overall rigor and effectiveness of Quality Assurance and Testing. We can help you implement industry best practices in the areas of automated testing, model based testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, test data management. We have considerable expertise in testing of nonfunctional requirements (capacity, throughput, failover/recovery, stress testing).
Continuous Delivery + Integration
All Lasalletech products are implemented using continuous delivery best practices. Our investment and experience with continuous delivery has created a successful advisory and training service within Lasalletech. We can help you reap the benefits from continuous delivery.

Reporting + Dashboards + Business Intelligence

Lasalletech can help you design and implement your reporting. Moving beyond basic batch type reporting to include real time dashboards and charting.

Enterprise Management Integration
In addition to our FIX expertise, Lasalletech has experience in integrating proprietary exchange interfaces and market data feeds into a variety of trading environments. Lasalletech has successfully delivered solutions using a variety of messaging and middleware technologies (MQ, 29West, Tibco, RMDS, JMS, Sockets) programming languages (Java, C++, C#) and platforms (J2EE, .NET, LAMP).

Lasalletech understands the demanding nature of today's trading environments and brings a broad set of experience and tools that can be applied to meet your requirements. Lasalle Tech has implemented complete order routing hubs in a multi-broker environment and sophisticated gateways that simultaneously route orders directly to markets, while sending customer side allocations through to back office systems.

Performance Engineering + Tuning
In today's low latency arms race system performance has become a top priority. We can help you analyze and tune all aspects of the system from the low-level hardware, network layer, and operating systems, to the high-level virtual machines, runtime environments, and application code. If your trading strategies require microsecond level performance, Lasalletech can bring in hardware acceleration technologies such as FPGAs and GPUs.

As your systems grow in size and complexity, a well-designed architecture will ensure your systems are scalable and maintainable. We provide consulting for all your architecture and system integration needs.

Order Routing Integration
Lasalletech can work with bespoke and industry standard Order Management Systems, Executive Management Systems, Smart Order Routers within your existing system.
Project Planning + Project Risk Management + Audit
Lasalletech has seasoned professionals with years of experience in both agile and traditional project management. In addition to our management skills, Lasalletech can perform independent project audits and project quality management on your behalf.
Reference Data
Reference Data is an often overlooked area of trading. Lasalletech has extensive experience in the development of bespoke reference data platforms and integration of third party reference data solutions. Please contact us if you have issues with data sourcing, data quality management, or reference data distribution.

Become fluent in FIX, FAST and FIXML

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At Lasalletech we don't just know FIX, FIXML and FAST, we have been involved in designing, evolving and stewarding the protocol almost since its inception. This level of leadership and commitment has given us expertise and understanding that puts us at the forefront of FIX implementers. As FIX usage continues to expand in breadth and depth, we are ready to help your company benefit from FIX adoption. Our past experience covers all protocol versions and most of the industry leading FIX engines. From specification to implementation, pre-trade through post trade and clearing, we will ensure the success of your FIX service offering.

Mobile Application Development
We couldn't keep our development staff away from the iOS and Android devices. LTG has significant iPhone and Android product development expertise/ Let us help you extend your reach into this exciting and important platform.

Check out our FREE FIX Explorer Mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

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Let us help you with your custom project. Our team has experience working with multiple protocols - both standard and propietary.